NYC Eboarding was officially founded in November 2016 through Boosted's group rides and has become a community of hundreds of electric skateboard enthusiasts in the New York metropolitan area. We connect members to participate in group rides, demos, and discussions about all aspects of eboarding and similar PEVs. Our community also advocates for clear and fair traffic laws that are inclusive of electric skateboards.

Our own charge map is the longest-running map filled with hundreds of public charging locations in NYC, nearby Northeastern cities, and more. All locations have been submitted by our community members through our Telegram bot.

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Riding in New York City traffic can be dangerous, so to ensure the safety of riders and to avoid being a public nuisance, we strongly recommend learning and practicing the following guidelines before attending a group ride.

Road Safety

  • Build up a confident level of riding experience on your own before coming to a group ride
  • Wear a helmet. We can't force everyone, but this is mandatory for underage riders
  • Avoid pack mentality and be aware of your own moves. For instance, don't blindly follow other riders through red lights or assume that the path ahead is safe
  • Hold out an arm in the direction that you're turning to let riders behind you know; hold a fist above your head for stopping
  • Remain cautious and don't assume cars will stop for you
  • Attach lights to your board and/or helmet to be seen by others at night

Riding Etiquette

  • Respect pedestrians and stop within reasonable distance
  • Don't abuse whistles/horns
  • Share the responsibility of ensuring riders aren't left behind
  • Split large groups into waves to minimize risks
  • Always bring your board's charger and spare belts
  • Avoid plugging chargers into wall outlets that will exceed 20 amps as they may blow a fuse
  • If you're riding with a group, share your location in Telegram